Banquet Cheesy Rice

I am a big fan of many Banquet brand food products. When I came across Banquet Cheesy Rice Beans with Chicken Dinner in the frozen meals section of my local favorite grocery store, I was delighted! I decided to purchase this meal, try it and write a product review all about my experience with it. Here is what I discovered!

Banquet Cheesy RiceBanquet Cheesy Rice Beans with Chicken Dinner is a frozen and microwave friendly single serve dinner that only costs around one dollar. I loved that low price and that is why I am a fan of many Banquet frozen meals. They usually deliver high quality for a low price. My food budget can always use the help. This particular meal intrigued me with it’s interesting ingredients. It has white rice, chicken, black beans, corn, whipping cream, Monterey Jack cheese with jalepeno peppers, diced red and green peppers, cheddar and Colby cheeses, along with many other ingredients and spices. That all sounded very good to me. I could not wait to taste this meal, after looking at some rice cooker reviews I decided to get started.

The picture of this dish, on the outside of the box, looked really good! This meal is low cal and I thought that this fact was great. This dinner is perfect for microwave cooking and that is how I chose to prepare it. I only had to vent the film cover, microwave on high for two minutes, uncover, stir and re cover and continuing cooking on high for one and a half more minutes. I then let this dish stand for two minutes before serving it. It smelled wonderful!

When I tasted Banquet Cheesy Rice Beans with Chicken Dinner, I loved it! The rice is tender and the chicken is juicy and plentiful. The cheese sauce is rich, creamy and divine. The black beans, corn and peppers really add wonderful texture and fabulous flavor to this dish. It is delicious! For only one dollar, well, I was truly impressed with this meal. I rate it five stars out of five stars. It is filling and so easy to fix, it makes a tasty quick lunch for me. This is one of my favorite Banquet frozen meals. It is creative and the rich cheesy sauce is perfect. I had no complaints.

This frozen dinner has only 260 calories in it. 100 of those calories come from fat. It has 11 grams of total fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 40 mg’s of cholesterol, 790 mg’s of sodium, 230 mg’s of potassium, 28 grams of total carbs, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of sugars and 12 grams of protein. This meal also has vitamin C, calcium, iron, riboflavin, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and manganese in it, I discovered. This product does contain milk, wheat and soy ingredients.

I enjoyed trying Banquet Cheesy Rice Beans with Chicken Dinner and writing this product review all about it. It is certainly worth the money, in my opinion. This is a new recipe dinner and I really like the changes that were made. The yummy cheesy sauce is beyond my expectations and a delightful surprise. For more information about this and other Banquet foods, you can visit the website. Yes, this dinner is a winner. I will be buying it again. It is a best Banquet frozen meal favorite of mine.

family and sister’s waterfall wedding

I have always been inspired by the people around me and that are closed to me; my sister, Asri Saraswati and her husband, Andhika Mahardhika is no exception.  Asri and Dhika met through Indonesia Mengajar – a program where they recruit top new or recent graduates to be sent to dedicate their one full year teaching in some of the most remote areas across Indonesia. My sister, Asri was sent to Muara Enim in South Sumatra to teach basic elementary school subjects while Dhika also went through his teaching journey in North Sumatra.  Mind you that most of these remote areas doesn’t have any electricity and in drought season, clean running water often are not available. During her placement, Asri shared her ups and downs and she, every now and then sent me beautiful photos of her surroundings, the life with the school-aged children she taught.  Fast forwarding to today, Asri and Dhika has founded  Agradaya- a social enterprise working with local farmers in the area of Sendangrejo, Sleman Jogyakarta to better their working condition. Agradaya connects the city directly to the farmers providing urbanites with high quality, small holder, organic ingredients. Agradaya actively collborates with fellow young farmers in Jogyakarta; together, they have been doing an extensive research for building an agricultural system that are environmentally sound.

After Indonesia Mengajar, my sister worked for Toraja Melo and Dhika was also doing his full-time job with Samsung before finally they found Agradaya together with two other fellow Indoensia Mengajar participants. Since the start of Agradaya, their diet has changed tremendously and I was influenced a lot by the information they  found in the field.  We eat more of the plant-based diet than anything because some of the findings that they encountered as they work with the local farmers. I was so thrilled when they decided to went ahead to tie the knot. When we brainstorm ideas on how they want they wedding to be, I knew that the way food is done has to be the most important and thoughtful element of the ceremony. Asri was initially want to do their wedding ceremony at the rice field; since that was the closest to her and Dhika’s heart. But when we were pitching this idea to the farmers – they said that the ceremony could disturb farmer’s activities when it comes to harvesting their crops. My dad proposed the waterfall as the alternate location. Waterfall is another important landscape in the family. Our parents has been building a micro-hydro electric plant for a living  using turbines that generates electricity from running water.

The wedding ceremony and vow exchange was held in the morning and continued by reception at lunch time – the food during this afternoon celebration is put together by Ibu-ibu PKK,  local women’s organization of Desa Panaruban where the weekend house that my sister and I grew up located. They have prepared all the dishes for the guests using the most immediate ingredients found in Desa Panaruban. The event it self run in a two-day stretch. The Javanese tradition requires the bride and groom to go through a set of rituals before the actual ceremony day. Ibu-ibu PKK was cooking for both days. The youth in the village of Panaruban was participating in this festivity. Most of them are students in hospitality major and were in charge for making sure that the guests are welcomed.